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I am booking hunts for some outfitter friends of mine in Southwest Colorado. Here is a little bit about them when it comes to lion hunting ... Our record is good. We have 32 lions in the SCI record book, more than any outfitter in the United States and that includes the #1 Lion. We have taken 13 all time Boone & Crockett lions (over 15). We have taken 42 over the 14- inch mark that it takes to qualify for the Boone & Crockett 3 year awards period book. The Boone & Crockett 2001-2003 period first place award went to one of our clients. We collected the 2004-2006 Boone & Crockett award for 2nd place and was the largest lion entered from the United States. We have won the Colorado Outfitters Associations Best of Species contest, Mountain Lion category; 7 of the past 8 years. In 1985 we took the New Mexico state record lion, which held until 1996. It is now number 2. In 2001 we took the present Colorado State record lion that broke a state record set in 1901 by Teddy Roosevelt. So, we know what a big lion is. We also know something about odds, timing, effort and lady luck. It isn't getting any easier and the expenses of hunting lion are more than ever. I just went on one of their lion hunts and got an unusually large Lioness. 56 inches from base of tail to base of skull. An average Tom is 52. I had the time of my life. It was a hunt I wont soon forget. These guys are the real deal and they know what they are doing. Hounds and equipment are first rate, field knowledge is second to none. Times are tough and busines is slow for everyone. Here is the deal: 5 day hunt $3,950.00 plus state licensing fee (I paid about $250 as a Texas resident) 10 day hunt $6,495.00 plus state licensing fee These fees are the bare minimum and are truly a deal for this hunt. The season ends MARCH 31st but it is best to have your lion by Feb 15th because of the units that will be closing due to quotas. You need to hurry! There are area hotels available ranging from motel 6 to spa resorts. Jeremy Harper 210.410.0506

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