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Matrix Deer Attractants

*Orders will be ready to be shipped by August 5th 2012 ** Why pay $10-$20 for a 5lb name brand attractant when you can make you own by adding 1-2lbs of Matrix to 200-400 lbs of your choice of feed. No fillers like name brand attractants use by itself or add to rice bran, corn, pellets or mix it all up for the ultimate combination. WE SELL WHAT THEY PUT IN THIER MIXES BUY DIRECT AND MAKE YOUR OWN Matrix Deer Attractants offers you the following Dry sweetened flavors, and liquid flavors (water or oil soluble)COMING SOON! to add to your deer feed formulations to improve palatability and acceptance. All of our deer flavors can also be used as a deer attractant or to add to any of your deer mineral products. PURITY It is manufactured and sold in strict compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's standards for purity and quality. APPEARANCE Dry Flavor is a finely textured, light brown, free-flowing granular material. Liquid – Light amber colored fluid (coming soon)RECOMMENDED FEED BLEND Dry - Use 1 to 2 pounds of Dry Flavor for each 200 - 400 lbs of feed. Liquid - Use 4 to 8 ounces for each 200 -400 lbs of feed (coming soon) Sold in sealed 1lb bags small enough to throw in your hunting pack.

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