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Traditional/Primitive Self-bows

I make self-backed bows (solid wood with no extra backing) from local woods. I love making them, but I cannot bring myself to simply store them and I don't have time to shoot all of them! All are either AFB or Indian style, which are great for hunting and can be made from cheap wood from our own American forests. I can make them with or without arrow shelves and the grip/nock styles have many open options. I also am pretty good at steam-bending to make recurves and reflex-deflex forms. Most of them are made with wood I find free so I only charge for my time and extra materials I buy to finish them and splice joints. Depending on wood-availability I may need to buy staves, which would raise prices just a bit. If you are interested in buying one I've already made or would like me to make one custom please contact me!

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